tempered glass

Service Overview

We manufacture different types of glasses, and tempered glass is one of them. If you are looking to change the windows in your commercial or residential property, you can rely on us to provide you with the best quality. Tempered glass is also referred to as toughened glass. The glass undergoes controlled thermal or chemical treatments in order to increase its strength and resistance to breakages.

The tough qualities of tempered glass make it ideal for use in a wide array of applications. For instance, the toughened glass is commonly used in glass tables, showers, refrigerator trays, glassware, bulletproof windows, vehicle windows, fireplace grates, and architectural glass doors just to mention a few.

When we are manufacturing tempered glass, we have to follow a couple of steps in order to achieve desired outcomes. The first thing we do before toughening float glass is assessing for any imperfection to ensure the glass does not break during the process. Common faults include cracks, inclusions, and bubbles.

Next, we have to cut the float glass into the shape we want because it will be impossible to cut the glass after we are done with the process. After making the desired cut, we also have to smoothen the edges. The next step entails washing the cut glass. This crucial step allows us to remove all the grains of glass that are accumulated when we are smoothening the edges. We also wash the glass to remove any debris.

It is only after washing that we take the glass through the tempering process. Basically, this process involves heating the float glass at over 600 degrees Celsius. It is also okay to run it through a furnace of about 720 degrees Celsius. The super-hot glass is then subjected to high-pressure blasts for about 3-10 seconds in order to cool. During the cooling process, the toughened glass starts to shrink. Its surface experiences surface stresses, while its interior develops tensile stresses; ultimately increasing the strength of the glass.